“A great family game that can really spark discussions of the many wonders of the world.”

- Jen

Trekking the World

$39.99 $50

A World Travel Game Your Friends and Family Will Instantly Love

  • A perfect gift, perfect for families
  • Share your love of travel
  • Created by travel lovers
  • Raised over $250,000 on Kickstarter

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2-5 Players

Ages 10+





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Share the joy of world travel

A game that helps you share your greatest memories and dreams of travel. Inspire your family and friends to explore the world with this remarkable and intelligent game, designed by passionate travelers and based on an award-winning game design. 

It's the world travel game your friends and family will instantly love. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 204 reviews
Grandmother T.
Christmas Gift

Purchased several games for Christmas presents, I am so excited to play them all with the grandkids 🙂

margaret m.
The whole family loved it!

So much to learn as we traveled around the world. The initial set up the first time was complex but then we caught right on. Ages 9-75 played and we loved it!!


These were ordered for Christmas gifts but I bet they will be perfect

Rebecca L.
Great game

Very fun!

Christina H.
Great Family Game

We purchased this game as an add-on to the Trekking Through History kickstarter and could NOT be more happy that we did! My kiddo busted it out the second it arrived and over 2 days we've already played numerous rounds. This game is great for the whole family. Everyone from my 8yo to my parents have played and everyone has a fair chance and is challenged in playing. The use of everything being color coordinated really makes the game accessible for everyone as well. The first time playing took a little bit longer to get everything set up and figured out, but once you've played it, it's a really quick game to catch onto. Having the description of what to do on your turn (and on little cards) makes it really easy for everyone to keep up. The overall premise is so easy (get the most points) but there are so many strategies that everyone has their own way to play. The artwork is beautiful. My children are in LOVE with the cards and they could easily be used as art pieces. The descriptions on the back of the cards are just as beautifully done. They're informative but also incredibly interesting. As a homeschooling family, the addition of geography and social studies provided is a great bonus (in addition to the math and strategy skills needed, plus the fun). If you like Ticket to Ride, this game should be an easy addition to your board game bookshelf, while providing something completely different from any other game!

Courtney S.
Love this Game

It is perfect for our family and adult game night!! New favorite!

Elaine R.
Trekking the World

Great fun! I'd recommend this for some family fun. We have enjoyed playing this together.

Patti G.

Still cant figure how its supposed to be played.

Huguette M.
Not yet available!!! ??

IT is under the tree!!!!!!! Will review after the 25!!! ??

Julia L.
Trekking the World

Since we can't physically trek the world during this pandemic, we are enjoying trekking the world through this wonderful board game. The artwork is beautiful, the gameplay is fun, and the strategy required provides just the right degree of challenge. The tour cards have introduced us to some places we have never heard of but have now added to our "bucket list." Thank you, Underdog Games, for creating Trekking the World.

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