"The premier family strategy game celebrating historic women"

5 minutes to learn
Less than an hour to play

A lifetime of memories


"HerStory's rules are simple to learn but offer surprising depth of strategy, perfect for mixed-age game groups." 

"This is definitely a game that I will be sharing with other moms and friends. Anyone with kids can easily learn and play this."

"There are no other games on the market that celebrate women like this one. This is literally a love letter to us."

Deluxe Components

  • 120 Linen-embossed Ivorycore cards, with aqueous coating

  • Neoprene mat with a running stitch for beauty and durability

  • 1-inch tall hardwood "Pushpin" scoring markers

  • Self-standing leatherette pouch

  • Matte laminated player boards for reduced glare

"I've never seen seen such an elegant board game. Every aspect of it is stunning."



4.8/5.0 (33,505 reviews)



Collect the stories of over 100 historic women as you compete to write an award-winning book. Combine the special abilities of your team to make strategic plays and dazzle everyone with your cunning. These women changed the world; so take a page from their book... and maybe you will too!

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With HerStory, you get what you pay for - the highest quality board game on the market focused on discovering the lives of history's most influential women. It's a game that will spark conversation and inspire your family for years to come!

Short answer- no.

Long answer- dozens of outside advisors helped to research and select the 120 women featured in HerStory. There was no single agenda behind it outside of sharing the stories of inspiring historical people. That said, it was important to us that we represent women of all ages, religions and ethnicities. We do not believe this to be a politically-slanted choice. Representation shouldn't be considered "political".

It's possible you've never played a game quite like HerStory before. But rest assured, learning how to play is a breeze. Don't let the term "strategy game" scare you. We've tested it with both grade school kids and seniors alike - both camps loved it! In fact, we are so sure that you will be satisfied with HerStory that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.