3 Reasons This Board Game is As Beloved As Betty White 

HerStory: The Board Game is a crowd pleaser!

By Stacy Tornio
Well maybe nothing is as beloved as Betty, but this game is pretty special.

1. It’s leads to great moments with family and friends.

You can't underestimate the power of a good game night. Board games bring us together in powerful ways, and this game will definitely do that. With more than 120 women featured, it'll a steal at just $40. (By the way, that's far cheaper than a night at the movies, a family dinner, or an afternoon at a trampoline park.)

2. No one is "too cool" to play. It's truly a crowd pleaser. 😎

It's not just a game for girls or women. This engine-building, drafting game is one that anyone can enjoy. With some of the cards having special powers, there's always something new to uncover that can really change game play from one game to the next. 

HerStory is on Sale!

3. It celebrates women in ways that no other board game has done. 👏 👏 👏

This game includes women in a way that hasn't been done before, featuring both historic icons and modern legends. We have to do a better job of giving women credit—and not just during Women’s History Month either. I feel like Betty would truly be proud. 

For me, few things are as beloved and amazing as Betty. 

But this game is pretty close.

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HerStory: The Family Board Game of Remarkable Women

LEARN in 5 minutes

PLAY in under an hour

CELEBRATE 120 iconic women

$50 $40