How to Play & FAQ- National Parks TRIVIA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I read the bonus question off of the back of the same card we just completed?

A: No. You must always draw a new card and read its bonus question. When drawing, take care to conceal the answer which will be highlighted on the front Q side of the new card.


Q: What happens if we all write numbers that are higher than the correct answer?

A: Whichever player wrote the lowest number wins the card.


Q: What happens if two or more players have written the same number and it is the winning answer?

A: They both win a point! Give one of the players that card to keep as a point, and then draw a new card for the other player(s) to keep as a point.


Q: If two or more players got a winning answer at the same time, are they read the same bonus question?

A: No. Each player who is eligible to answer a bonus question is read a different question. Draw a new card for each person.