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This bonus pack of materials includes 6 bookmarks, 4 postcards, and 4 stickers, which would retail for more than $20. It comes in your game for FREE!

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See all your favorite parks as you journey across the USA!

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I saw this recommended on social media on International Women's Day and decided to pick it up. I was most impressed by the presentation of the game. Every bit of the game feels carefully crafted and well made.

I really like how the game is basically making a book. It’s really fun to make different drafts and to race to get the different cards! I also like how you have to research (collect research tokens) instead of just being able to just get cards.

Having a young daughter, I look for ways to highlight great women and women's stories. This game is an easy-to-play way to learn about women who have impacted the world in great ways. Lots of heroes my daughter knew if from school along with many more neither of had ever heard of.

Making a difference in girls' education

A portion of all proceeds proudly goes to the Malala Fund, which helps educate girls all over the world.