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Explore The Wonders of The World at Your Fingertips

The award-winning board game for family night, inspired by real adventures.

Educational & Strategic Gameplay


Easy-To-Learn For All Ages

Up To 5 Players

2,913 Reviews

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Discover the Essential World Travel Game

Your next adventure begins now.

Inspires players to learn about and visit the wonders of the world

Screen-free entertainment

More than 100,000 copies sold

Take Your Game Nights to new Heights

Sparking curiosity for all

Featuring interesting facts and gorgeous illustrations to inspire exploration of the wonders of world.

Strategic Gameplay

Requiring players to use their problem-solving skills to plan their routes and manage resources.

Everyone’s A Winner

Adventurous Families

Fun for the whole family.

Travel Lovers

All travelers, hikers, and explorers welcome!

Kids learning about the world

Because learning shouldn't stop in the classroom.

2,913 Reviews

Trekking the World

Fun and educational for the whole family. Explore beautiful destinations across every continent + collect knowledge while you play—the perfect recipe for a successful game night!


Playing board with world map

Oversize cards featuring your favorite destinations

High-quality playing pieces (free replacement parts forever!)



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Worth it, especially if you like geography

I was iffy about buying this game because of the cost, but I’m glad I did! Everything from the box, to the board, to the pieces and cards is high quality. The game did take a bit to learn how to set up and play, but the rules were very straightforward and had examples. I loved that my daughter and I get to learn about different places around the world, with the info on the cards you’re trying to earn.


Verified Buyer

5-Star Game Night

  • We love it

    We love this game. It is a new game each time we play it. You need to have some kind of strategy in order to win. It is fairly easy to learn and remember, but it takes a game or two to really remember all the rules (like you can play multiple cards on your turn to move, not just one card).


    Verified Buyer

    Very well put together fun game with

    The game involves traveling around the world and collecting cards of famous sights. The game is very easy to learn and to remember and the cards with the sights are very well composed and fun to read. Definitely worth the price compared to other games I bought.

    Chris M

    Verified Buyer

    Great game, even better quality!

    What REALLY sets this product apart, though, is the quality and attention to detail. The destination cards provide a lot of points and are the most obvious means to achieving a high score. Underdog Games didn't NEED to provide beautiful artwork on each card AND a well-written description...but they did.

    Kevin Drayer

    Verified Buyer

  • Great Family Game!!!

    We absolutely love this game. Our family loves Trekking the National Park. So purchased this one to have something similar but different. Great knowledge to learn about different areas of the world.

    Lorena Hellberg

    Verified Buyer

    Exceptional for All Ages

    My youngest son is 9 and loves to get a new family game every Christmas. This by far is one of our favorites. We have only played it once but exploring the world with them has been amazing. We took it a step farther to watch you tube videos the brought places to life.

    Chastey Gibson

    Verified Buyer


    My family are big gamers, and we bought this after enjoying Trekking the National Parks . Adults will have fun and education for kids.

    Linda Armbruster

    Verified Buyer

Share the Joy of World Travel

Inspire your family and friends to explore the world with this remarkable and intelligent game, designed by passionate travelers and based on an award-winning game design.

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Inspired By Real Adventures

Free Replacement Pieces
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Award-Winning Game



Meet the Creators

After creating an award-winning game about traveling through the National Parks, Charlie + Hasan wanted to share their love of world travel and inspire the next generation of globetrotters.

"Trekking the World was made to let families explore new cultures, discover hidden gems, and satisfy their wanderlust. It brings us great joy every time we hear someone say - ‘I’ve never heard of that place before!'"


What kind of game is it?

Trekking The World is an educational and engaging board game for up to 5 players who take on the role of adventurers, tasked with traveling across the globe and completing strategic challenges along the way. While easy-to-learn, this game moves fast, making for endless entertainment and educational fun!

Take The Scenic Route

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