A game dedicated to celebrating history's greatest moments - even history buffs will learn something new.

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4.6/5.0 (1,047 Reviews)

"This one just may be a favorite! Game play is easy to learn and strategize. Once again, the illustrations are beautifully done. Playing this game makes history fun, memorable, and interesting. My 10 yr. old nephew loves this game and is looking forward to Underdogs next board game."


Why add Trekking Through History to your game library? 

It has FUN components like a giant clock, pocket watches, and time crystals

This is our HIGHEST RATED game to date!

It features BEAUTIFUL artwork from an award-winning Disney artist

More than 100 INCREDIBLE EVENTS are highlighted in the game

Collect tokens for your itinerary, and score bonus points

Ancestry cards help your journey 

Move your pocket watch around the clock board

Take a Card,

Create a Trek

If you are able to take cards in chronological order, then you'll see BIG REWARDS and points.

So Many Great

Moments in Time!

With more than 100 cards, no two games will ever be the same. You'll always have new moments to discover.

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  • HerStory Box

4.6/5.0 (1,047 Reviews)

Trekking Through History

LEARN the game quickly

PLAY an entire game in less than an hour

DISCOVER new ways to play each time

$50 $40

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Why People Love
Trekking Through History

"I was pleasantly surprised that I could play a very interesting game while satisfying my curiosity by learning from the past."

"TTH draws you in with its gorgeousart, and satisfies you with streamlined gameplay that still has a huge amount of depth, turn angst, and tactical gameplay."

"As a history teacher, I love how it exposes players to many historical events and where they fit into the timeline."

You Can Time Travel to Amazing Moments

With information on the backs of every card, you'll get the chance to feel like you were there!

Take a peek at Trekking Through History

See the game in action in this quick video as you travel back in time.

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With Trekking Through History, you get what you pay for - the highest quality board game on the market focused on discovering incredible moments in history. It's a game that will spark conversation and inspire your family for years to come!

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Short answer- no.

Long answer- dozens of outside advisors helped to research and select the many events and figures featured in Trekking Through History. There was no single agenda behind it outside of sharing the stories of inspiring historical people.

It's possible you've never played a game quite like this before. But rest assured, learning how to play is a breeze. Don't let the term "strategy game" scare you. We've tested it with both grade school kids and seniors alike - both camps loved it! In fact, we are so sure that you will be satisfied with Trekking Through History that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.