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The National Parks Board Game Your
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Ages 10+ & Perfect For Family Game Night

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The perfect gift for anyone who loves national parks!

Whether you've been to 4 or 44 national parks, this game is the perfect gift for anyone who loves traveling to national parks and public lands. It'll bring back so many memories and help you plan future journeys.

Screen-Free Entertainment

We all need more breaks from screens, and this game is the perfect way to put that practice into action. Yes, parents have told us that kids love this even more than video games.

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Take a Peek Inside the Game, Including the Huge Map!

See all your favorite parks as you journey across the USA!







National Parks Map

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The Creators

John & Terry achieved their lifelong goal of visiting all the national parks. Then their son, Charlie, helped them make a board game about it.

"As we watch families play and learn about the parks, we are filled with a sense of pride and joy, knowing that we have given others the chance to experience the beauty and excitement of the national parks in a new and unique way."

The National Parks Board Game That Gives Back

With every purchase a portion of the profits is donated to the National Parks Service, an organization dedicated to supporting and protecting the National Parks. By playing this game, you're not only having fun, but supporting a great cause.

Get 21% off for National Parks Week →


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