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Write a book to tell the stories of the remarkable women of history

  • 120 historic women featured in the game
  • From Joan of Arc to Malala, HerStory includes historical legends and modern favorites
  • 20+ women worked on the creation of this game
  • Simple rules—start playing in 5 minutes
  • Uncover special advantages and powers throughout the game

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2-5 Players

Ages 8+





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A new family-friendly strategy board game

Tell the stories of the remarkable women of history

You’re an acclaimed author, writing a book to tell the stories of remarkable women in history. Discover iconic historical women as you do research, draft chapters, and complete the highest scoring book to win!

Making a difference in girls' education

A portion of all proceeds proudly goes to the Malala Fund, which helps educate girls all over the world.

Photo credit: Insiya Syed

Malala Fund Supporter



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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Elizabeth G.

The game elements are high quality and the game plays well. Did institute some house rules for two play that involves moving the chapter-people cards along if neither player selects one. Overall- loved it so much I bought it for a friend! Play was fast, easy to learn, and meaningful!

Great game

The subject matter of this game is clearly going to discourage specific political parties from enjoying this game, so I'm just going to cut past that matter and point out things like I would any other board game. I was initially worried it would be more of a storybook than a game. Designed just to educate rather than entertain (not that there would be anything wrong with that but its great to see it's more than that), but what I found was a game that was obviously a labor of love and designed with gamers in mind too. It has very nice art, great & well thought out game play and is easily accessible. The cards are well designed with interesting facts easily found while not interfering with the flow of the game itself. The perfect pay mechanic echos games like Alhambra, giving you incentive to search for perfect tiles and rewards you for clever plays. While card abilities reward you for finding interesting combinations. One of the "small" details I rather enjoyed was that several cards had almost a "you can only punch up" type mechanic that allowed you bonus points as long as you were trialing behind. This could have hurt the game making certain cards feel overly situational but it never seemed to feel that way. Overall a great game with a very interesting theme. I can't wait to see some expansions with all the interesting women that got narrowed out last time.

So fun

We played this as a family ages 55-11! We all had a blast. Thank you for making these games. We bought all of the board games and everyone enjoys them. Still need to play the National Parks… maybe this weekend.

Amazing women in history

This was a Christmas gift. This is a wonderful game about many amazing women in history. The game is easy to learn and easy to teach. The game does a nice job of being simple to understand but enough depth of strategy to keep coming back. The game certainly does a wonderful celebrating amazing women and taught us stuff as well.

Jo W.

I purchased this game for my three granddaughters and their parents and it was better than I could have imagined!! The 10 yr old twins and their 12 yr old sister were fully engaged!!! They all love to write so the idea that each player is an author was perfect!! They all wanted to read their chapters at the end! Fantastic idea! Thank you!!!!!🌺

Maria R.

This was a gift. I sent it to my granddaughter in Germany. I'm waiting for her input.

Patrick C.
I'm a game player and this a mighty fine game!

My initial reason for the purchase was the feminist one. Dr Amber Kinser my wife was for 10 years head of the Women's Studies Program at ETSU and I thought she'd like the idea of this game. But having purchased it and one more for my daughter, I can say it is more than just a novelty. I also purchased your world travel game and you game for the National Parks! I've been a good customer this year! Good luck you are good game makers in a digital world

Christopher R.
Great game!

Very easy to learn and play. Beautiful art on the cards. Great facts on amazing women!

The board game I've been waiting for . . .

Library card? Research? Women in history? Books? All of my favorite things are wrapped up in this board game, and that's what makes it so awesome! In the end, I didn't care who had the most points because I just wanted to read about each of the amazing women in my book. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to take their time with a lovely board game with beautiful illustrations and fun history facts.

Bethany M.
Stunning Art & Info, Fun Gameplay

This card drafting game is quick to pick up and pretty fast to play through. I've enjoyed playing the game but the real winner here is the art and information about all the incredible women on the cards! That alone is worth the price of the game and I loved learning more about these amazing women and all they've accomplished! Great work Underdog Games in yet another well-made game with quality components and fantastic game box organization.

Trekking Through History and Trekking the World will probably be brought to my game table more often than this one because they are a bit more strategic and a little longer gameplay but if I need a quick filler or intro game, this one fits that category well!

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