HerStory is Coming! November 2022

HerStory is Coming! November 2022

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Right on the heels of Trekking Through History, we'll be releasing our next game, HerStory! HerStory is a family-friendly strategy board game that focuses on the lives of iconic women in history. 

While working on Trekking Through History, we noticed how much less women are mentioned in history compared to men. (Reports and studies actually show they're mentioned three to five times less!) So we wanted to create a board game that specifically spotlights and celebrates incredible females throughout history.

This game will NOT be on Kickstarter. We'll have a discounted pre-order in October, and then it will go straight to retail! Sign up here to get updates on HerStory below, and then check out the HerStory website. On the site, you'll find a sneak peek of art from the game, read about people behind the game, and more. 

How did we choose the women?

As we worked on the game, we knew we'd need help selecting which women to highlight, so we reached out to a panel of teachers to help us whittle down our list to 120 iconic females. You can read about HerStory's Educator Advisors here

Picking just 120 women to feature in the game was as challenging as it sounds! There were many different opinions about who to include, and we quickly realized we needed a game plan to accomplish the job. Here's how we did it.

We had some additional help with this game, and it was one of our favorite parts of creating it. We also worked with a group of student researchers to help uncover facts about all of the women. We knew we wanted to get kids involved right from the start, because they often have a unique perspective and are drawn to different facts than adults. Read more about this great group of students here.   

This game will give back to the Malala Fund. 

We're proud of all of our games at Underdog, but because this game was created with the help of so many, it feels even more special. We're grateful for the team behind the game and honored to share the stories of some of history's extraordinary women. As part of our effort to celebrate the accomplishments of women, we're donating a portion of all proceeds from the game to the Malala Fund, which is just one more reason we're especially excited about HerStory. 

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