The Trekking Sell Sheet

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What Our Retailers Say

“Trekking the National Parks has sold incredibly well. It combines accessible theme and family level mechanics that maintains meaningful decision-making in a high quality production. Kids can play it themselves. Adults can play it with kids and adults alone can play a high-intensity competitive game. We’ve sold it to customers in a game store for the very first time and hard-core gamers who come weekly.”

- Neil Goldberg, Owner. Main St. Board Game Cafe

"Trekking the National Parks sold 16 units for us during National Parks Week.  It is a great game for casual play with your family, but also has competitive elements for the the more hardcore gamer.  It demos incredibly well since it's easy to learn and has lots of fun components for the players to use.  Most customers that buy this game are adults that want a fun to game to play with their kids or other family members that anyone can play and enjoy." 

- Ethan Lind, Owner. Zulu's Games

"Trekking the National Parks has been a great success for us. With so many games coming out it’s very difficult for something to set itself apart - even if we are willing to put it on our demo tables and talk about it. When we saw Trekking at the Gama Trade Show we instantly knew it had the table presence to draw people in and make them want to learn more. It emits an “educational” vibe that some consumers are looking for without sacrificing smooth and engaging gameplay. Many of our customers who focus on heavier strategy games have picked it up to play with their more casual gaming friends and family. Underdog Games made it super easy to order product with respectable margins, free shipping, demos, and great communication. We were not disappointed with our first batch and immediately ordered more. It has quickly become a staple product that we keep on our demo table and see great returns from!" 

- Kylie Prymus, Owner. Games Unlimited

"Trekking is an incredibly easy sell here at Grandrabbits. The theme of the National Parks really resonates with our outdoorsy community, and it's ability to be an educational tool works for parents that want to reinforce at home what kids are learning at school. But more importantly to me as a board game expert, I believe Trekking is a fantastic way for families to dip their toe into the board game hobby. It's an extremely approachable game for families to try something new and different. Rules-wise it's light enough that I can explain how to play the game to families even on busy days. It's been a staple game at my in-store Game Days and can't imagine it will leave the rotation anytime soon." 

- Justin, Game Guru. Grandrabbit's Toy Shoppe