Best Travel Board Games To Take Everywhere You Go

Best Travel Board Games To Take Everywhere You Go

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We love talking with game store owners and employees to hear about their favorite games. David Lipowski, from Fair Game in the Chicago area, recently shared his favorite adventure board games with us. This time, we wanted to know what he recommends when customers are looking for travel board games to carry on the go.

Lipowski is always on the lookout for games he can take on a camping trip or anywhere else he travels. He points out that games are a fantastic way to meet and interact with new people. Invite your new friends to join you for one of these travel board games as a unique way to get to know them. Lipowski also likes to suggest these games as gifts for others. Pair them with some fun snacks, and your recipient is ready to host their own game night!

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Travel Board Games: Qwixx box, dice, and scorepads

Lipowski Says: “This roll-and-write game is super easy to teach. It’s one of those wonderful games that you just can’t stop playing. The games are relatively quick and it’s small, so you can get in a game just about anywhere.”

If your family loves Yahtzee, they'll want to give Qwixx a try! The gameplay is fast and furious, since each player participates with every roll of the dice. Your goal is to cross off as many numbers in each colored row as possible to accumulate the highest score by the end of the game. The hitch? You must cross off the numbers from left to right, so make your choices carefully. (2-5 players, ages 8+)

Love Letter

Travel Board Games: Love Letter cards, bag, and tokens

Lipowski Says: "This small and simple game has gone on with me on every trip I’ve taken in the past five years. It's engaging and isn’t as mindless as other simple card games. A couple came to my store and I recommended it for their trip to London. They came back and told me they were playing in the pub one day and ended up sharing it with (and meeting) so many different people because of it.”

The beautiful Princess Annette has locked herself in a tower, and her suitors must rely on others to get their love letters to her. Play a card in each round and follow the instructions on it to attempt to win the round and receive a token from the Princess. When a player earns a given number of tokens (determined by the number of players), they win the game—and the heart of the Princess! (2-4 players, ages 10+)

Basecamp Playing Cards

Travel Board Games: Basecamp playing cards with a mountain view in the background

Lipowski Says: “It’s just a deck of 52 cards, but each card also has an icebreaker question on it. It comes in a tin and is great for travel. It’s nice to have a set of playing cards that can get conversations going with new people you might be playing with. I recently recommended these cards as a gift for someone going off to college.”

These are brilliant! They work for any traditional playing card game, from poker to euchre to Go Fish. We doubt you'll get too many hands in, though, since you'll be too busy chatting about the clever conversation-starter questions on each card. There are two sets available, the original edition and a new second edition. (All ages)

Dungeon Mayhem

Travel Board Games: Dungeon Mayhem box, cards, and tokens

Lipowski Says: You play a group of characters. You’re trying to defeat everyone at the table, so it’s a very social game. There are two different versions and an expansion with up to 12 characters. It travels well and has been very successful with both new and experienced gamers.”

Take your love of Dungeons & Dragons on the road with this quick-play card game. Play as a Barbarian, Paladin, Rogue, or Wizard, then use your powers to take out your opponents one by one. Each game takes only a few minutes and the rules are very easy to learn. (2-4 players, ages 10+)


Travel Board Games: Coup box, cards, and tokens

Lipowski Says: “This is a sci-fi based card game that can easily fit in a backpack or purse. You’re trying to eliminate everyone else at the table based on five different special abilities. You can use any ability you want, even if you don’t have those capabilities—as long as no one calls you out on it. It feels a little bit like poker. There’s a fun social component, and you have to lie to win the game.”

Put on your best poker face and get ready to bluff your way to victory! Each player takes on the role of a different corrupt official, attempting to bribe and lie as they eliminate their competitors. Coup is easy to learn, and a round takes only 15 minutes or so. (2-6 players, ages 13+)

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