13 Reasons Why You Should Buy More Board Games

13 Reasons Why You Should Buy More Board Games

Liz Russell Liz Russell

You probably own your fair share of board games. You also probably add new board games to that stash pretty regularly. Because of this, it's also very likely that someone in your life–a partner, concerned family member or maybe even your subconscious–occasionally question you when you suggest purchasing yet another new board game.

Well, we've got your back! We agree that your overflowing board game shelves aren't nearly full enough, so we're providing you with 13 reasons why you should absolutely buy more new board games. (There's totally space on the shelf for you to gently wedge something between Wingspan and Trekking the National Parks.)

After all, just as some have their reasons for adding more wine, art, or books to their collection, board gamers have their own rationale for growing their assemblage.

Here are the top 13 reasons why you should buy another new board game.

1. You've heard the hype. 


Whether you read a good review on BoardGameGeek.com, heard about it from a guy on Board Game Arena,or just have a vague memory of someone liking it, there's something guiding you towards this game...like it's choosing you to own it. Besides, you've got a sixth sense about this stuff, so best to stop fighting it and just trust your intuition and get it. 

2. You have the space...kind of. 


Does there need to be any other reason? Clearly your collection will be missing that certain something until that new game is nestled in among the other 57 board games you already own. 

3. It's lonely without the expansion pack.


You already own the original game. Why deprive it of a growing group of buddies that will also enhance your game play?

4. It's going to bring your family together. 

The kids on the cover are having a great time. The components look neat. The rules seem easy. This is it. This will be THE game that makes family game night perfect and captures your kids' attention for hours on end. Maybe one day you'll even play it with your grandchildren.

5. It might become a collector's item...someday.


You never know which board games will become sought after, and you certainly don't want to miss an opportunity to own a showpiece item. Better buy two copies just in case and only open one of them.

6. It has amazing art.


From the board to the cards to the rule book, this game could be considered a true work of art. Actually, it might be too much of a masterpiece to play with. You should probably only just look at it. And occasionally invite friends over to gaze at it...from a distance...and without any touching. 

7. You have to support your hobby. 

As a hobbyist, you're obligated to stay in touch with the latest and greatest in games. Maybe you don't even really play them. Maybe you just admire them or act as a curator to your own personal board game museum. 

8. Your friends will love it.


And a good friend just wants to see their friends happy, especially if that happiness comes via the purchase of an awesome new game you get to play.

9. You won't be able to get it later. 


FOMO is real when it comes to board games. What if there's only a limited release of this game and they never make more? If you don't buy it now, you'll probably miss your chance and regret it for life.

10. It has that one really neat piece.

Pobably every board gamer has purchased a game just for a cool miniature or token. You're a player who recognizes unique components and the true need to own and cherish them. After all, every component needs a good home. 

11. You need more cards to sleeve

The act of sleeving cards is almost meditative. Also, it keeps those babies looking brand new no matter what snacks come out at midnight. 

12. It has to potential to be the best game you've ever played.


The reviews are decent, the cover art is intriguing, the game play seems clever, and the components look interesting. Maybe you'll love it. Or maybe you'll hate it. But the chance that it's your new go-to favorite is too hard to resist. And there's only one way to find out. 

13. It's a really good deal.

A game on sale means it's now a game you own. This is always a yes. 

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