Fun Earth Day Writing Prompts for Kids and Students

Fun Earth Day Writing Prompts for Kids and Students

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Yes, Underdog Games is a board game company, but we're huge fans of Mother Nature, too. We also love finding new ways to get people engaged and learning about the world around them. Since April is Earth Month, we wanted to give families and classrooms an easy way to start thinking about the environment and sustainability, so we created unique Earth Day writing prompts, activities and worksheets for kids of all ages to enjoy.

This Earth Day Writing Kit includes multiple writing prompts, games and more. Here's what you'll find when you download it:

  • 25 easy-to-achieve ideas on how to be sustainable
  • Earth Month Bingo
  • Earth Month calendar to track your green activities
  • 24 different engaging Earth Day writing prompts
  • How I'm Helping the Earth worksheet

We think this Earth Day Writing Kit provides a fun way for parents, teachers and homeschoolers to really look for ways to live more sustainably and consider how important the environment is in everything they do.

Our ideas for greener habits make it easy for kids to succeed at being more sustainable, but also challenges them to go a step further. For example, the list includes simple ideas, like turning off lights and using less water, to harder options, like not using the car for an entire day.

Along the same lines, our Earth Day writing prompts encourage varying levels of thinking, making them accessible to a wide range of age groups.  Our Earth Day Bingo card and calendar bring more fun to the kit and help keep kids thinking about ways to be a steward of Mother Nature. 

As students and kids work on these activities, we hope parents and teachers will get in on the call to action, joining kids in celebrating what they do to make a positive impact on the environment and striving to step up their game and live in a way that's even more environmentally friendly. More than anything, we hope kids and adults alike will have fun and be inspired to go green! 

If you need more fun ideas for Earth Day, try handling out our National Parks coloring sheets so kids (and grown ups) can add color to iconic scenes from nature. Get them here!

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