We Want to Pay Your Family $2,500 to Give Up Screen Time and Play Board Games for a Week

We Want to Pay Your Family $2,500 to Give Up Screen Time and Play Board Games for a Week

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Could your family give up their phones and devices every night for a week to play board games together? If so, we want to give you all $2,500 and a week’s worth of free games! 

Here at Underdog Games, we believe in the power of good board games. We know they can improve mental health, boost self-confidence, and provide much-needed quality time for family and friends. 

We want to help families connect through games. 

It can be tough to find time together these days with busy work, school, and social schedules. Statistics show that kids spend 9+ hours a day on screens. Plus American families only get about 37 minutes of time together each day. 

We believe board games can help. By sitting down and and taking time to play a board game, we think families and friends are able to connect with one another in unique and meaningful ways. So now we want to put this theory to the test. Will your family be the one to help us out? 

Here’s what we’re looking for. 

We are open to family size and demographics overall. In addition, here’s what we’ll be looking for in the family we choose: 

  • Must live busy lives and be a family that likes their phones and screen time. 
  • Must have some kids in the 10+ age range since this is the target for most of our games at Underdog. 
  • All family members must be comfortable being on camera and consent to being involved. (We will have a contract for the final family we choose to work with.) 
  • All family members must be willing to give up their phones/devices/screens for at least 90 minutes every night for a week. Seriously, this is important! No devices during game time! 
  • Family members must be open to trying new board games. 

How’s it going to work? 

We plan to conduct a few interviews to choose the right family for this challenge. Then after we make our final selection, we’ll be in touch to choose a week for you all to give up screen time and play board games! (You must be able to complete this challenge in the next couple of months.)

We’ll go over the rules and expectations with you—mostly promising to set those devices aside during your nightly game time and being willing to take some video. Then we’ll send you a week’s worth of games, including a few of our own. You won't need to purchase anything on your end! 

Before, during, and after the challenge, we will likely want to interview your family so we can tell your story. So you must be comfortable with sharing your story—it will be featured on our website and social media pages. Upon completion of the challenge, we’ll send you $2,500. You can use this for your next vacation, to fund your new board game habit, or to stash away for rainy day! 


This contest has now ended. Stay tuned for an update soon on the family who took it on! 

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