Games That Get Kids Moving While They Play

Games That Get Kids Moving While They Play

Liz Russell Liz Russell

Board games are a fantastic way to engage with friends and family and get people thinking and talking. But what about those moments when you want to be up and moving or need certain family members to burn excess energy? These games that get kids moving will do the trick! Go beyond the social and mental perks of board gaming, and try these options that make you ditch your seat and have fun on your feet instead.

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Happy Salmon 

Rather than taking turns, players participate all at once in this silly, boisterous game. Players are dealt cards and then yell out the action word on each of their cards, such as High Five, Pound It, and Switcharoo. When they find a player with a match, they perform the action together and discard their card. The first player to get through their cards wins. This game takes just minutes to play and is a great way to liven things up. (6+, 3-6 players)

Beat That!

This game brings over 160 challenges in four different categories and players must wager if they can accomplish the task they draw. Here's an example: "Take a drink. One player must gargle a song while their partner tries to guess it." Players from different generations and skill levels will all enjoy this one. (8+, 2-8 players)

The Floor is Lava 

Bring movement, imagination and laughs to game night. Players pretend the floor is molten lava and the game's colored squares are the only safe place to step. As the game continues, the colored squares are slowly taken away and players have to leap to reach their square or share it without falling off. Challenge cards, like balancing on one leg, make it even trickier. This one makes a great party game. (5+, 2-6 players)


Everyone ends up looking like a pretzel with this classic, but in a really fun way! As players match their feet and hands to the chosen colored circle, their muscles get a workout as they stretch to reach the circle and then hold their position. If you haven't played yet, it's a must. Be sure to dress for maximum movement! (6+, 2+ players)


Based on charades, this game gets players acting out all kinds of basic and crazy ideas, and the ticking timer adds to the pressure to perform. Hilarity is inevitable, and with over 600 cards to act out, the giggles will keep coming all night. (8+, 4+ players)

Throw Throw Burrito 

Dodgeball makes an appearance in this wacky card game that may literally get you running...away from a burrito being thrown at you. Don't worry—they're squishy. The goal of the game is to collect matching sets of cards and avoid the flying food. It's a lot of fun, but you may want to put away breakable items first. (7+, 2-6 players)


Here's a great game for folks who like variety, as it packs trivia, charades, art, and mental challenges into one box. Players work in teams to move around the board completing challenge cards, like sculpting an object with clay, drawing with their eyes closed, using their partner as a puppet to act out a word, unscrambling words, and so many more. This a great way to get teens and adults in on the fun together. (16+, 4 or more players)

Silly Street

Pick a card and be surprised at who gets the points for the task at hand, like finding any object that could function as a hat, showing how many ways you can make a heart with your body, and so many more. The game's creators wanted players to unleash their fun and silly sides, and this game does that in the most positive ways. The challenges in this game work for players of all ages. (4+, 2 or more players)

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