Best Geography Board Games For Learning About the World

Best Geography Board Games For Learning About the World

Jill Staake Jill Staake

Want to learn more about this incredible place we call Planet Earth? These geography board games are your ticket to knowledge—and fun! Whether you've already mastered all your capital cities and national flags, or you're still learning to navigate the globe, these picks are perfect for game night or the classroom game shelf. We hope you enjoy the journey!

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Trekking the World and Trekking the World Trivia

Trekking the World and Trekking the World Trivia geography board games

At Underdog Games, we're proud to have made two geography board games that are truly fun to play. See the wonders of the world as you Trek the map, filling your suitcase and collecting souvenirs to win Victory Points. A game takes less than an hour, but if you're looking for a shorter option, Trekking the World Trivia fits the bill. Designed so families of all ages can play together, it's a trivia game that teaches you as you play! (2-6 players, ages 8+)

Ticket to Ride: Rails to Sails

Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails

Any game in the Ticket to Ride range will help you learn about places around the world. Rails to Sails spans the whole globe, all in one game. Build your routes and claim new cities, on land and on sea. Plan to spend an hour or two, whichever Ticket to Ride game you choose. (2-5 players, ages 10+)

The World Game

The World Game

Ready to learn flags, capital cities, populations, and geography facts? Face off in The World Game! Fortunately, you don't need to have all that info at the tip of your tongue to have fun. Instead, each player chooses a fact from the card in their hand that they think will top all of the other players (biggest population or area, for instance). You can modify this one for a variety of ages and skill levels too. (3-5 players, ages 8+)

The Scrambled States of America

The Scrambled States of America game

We love that so many geography board games actually help you learn while you play. Do you know the states that border Tennessee? Can you think of a state that ends with "S"? Based on the best-selling book, this game will appeal to kids but challenge adults too. (2-4 players, ages 8+)

Passport to Culture

Passport to Culture board game

Fill your passport without leaving your living room! This game is about much more than just geography; you'll learn about world treasures, greetings, food and drink, and more cultural topics. Build your CQ (Cultural Intelligence) as you answer multiple choice questions, collecting passport stamps. First to fill their passport wins! (2-6 players, ages 10+)

Guess in 10: Around the World

Guess in 10: Around the World geography board game

The Guess in 10 line of games is really popular, and this version is perfect for geography nerds. Claim spots on the map by guessing the mystery location. You can ask up to 10 questions as you try to figure it out! The game is quick, and one of our favorite picks for families. (2-6 players, ages 8+)

Continent Race

Continent Race board game

Looking for the best geography board game for kids? How about one that was invented by a kid! 6-year-old Byron wiled away the hours of a long hospital stay making a game about his favorite topic. The goal is to make up a set of four cards from each continent. Fast-paced and fun, this is one kids can play with friends or families. (2+ players, ages 7+)

Who Knows Where?

Who Knows Where? board game

Think of this like Trivial Pursuit with a geography focus. Make your way around the outside of the board, answering questions based on the color you land on. There are several levels of difficulty and Clue Cards to help out beginners. The gorgeous board game is two-sided, so you can gaze at a satellite map or traditional map while you play. (2-4 players, ages 12+)

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