Looking for feedback about our upcoming Kickstarter efforts

Looking for feedback about our upcoming Kickstarter efforts

Nick Bentley Nick Bentley

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Welcome to this week's behind-the-scenes post. 
Today we're asking for feedback about our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for this game:

We’d love your feedback

We’re prepping for the Kickstarter campaign for our upcoming game Trekking the World 2nd Edition, a major project for us. For me it’s momentous: I’ve spent most of my waking life on it for a year and it never leaves my thoughts.
We’re setting up a system for estimating demand we’ve not used before, which has become popular among creators since we last ran a campaign, and we want to make sure we do it right.

How it’ll work

The campaign will offer the base game and an expansion, called the Bucket List expansion, that adds asymmetrical player powers, along with extra goals and power tokens.
  • The base game will retail at $50
  • The expansion will retail at $20
  • The campaign will allow backers to get these things at 20% off retail
  • We're making another offer in addition, and that’s where we need feedback:
We’ll ask customers to reserve Kickstarter copies for $1 before the campaign starts. Those who do will get the Bucket List expansion for free during the campaign.
  • The benefit for customers is they have a chance at an even better deal
  • The benefit for us is we’re less likely to overspend on the campaign, the most common way campaigns get into trouble.
To do this, we’re building a landing page where visitors can read about the game and the offer. This is what we’d love your feedback about: 

Here's a draft of the landing page

  • Do you like least and most about it? what should be improved?
  • You can reserve a copy of if you want; the system is live, we’re just not sharing it publicly until we’ve refined it.
Just reply in the comments with with your feedback! 
And as always, don't hesitate to share your opinions anything else as well, positive or negative. I read all your replies (and reply when time permits) and it helps me understand what we're doing right and wrong.
Big thanks in advance to those who offer their perspective,
Nick Bentley
President, Underdog Game Studio

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