National Parks Gifts For the Explorers On Your List

National Parks Gifts For the Explorers On Your List

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America's National Parks celebrate some of the most beautiful places on the planet. These National Parks gifts do just the same and are perfect for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. From blankets and candles to games, puzzles, and books, there's something here for everyone (and every budget!).

We use Amazon affiliate links to recommend products we trust and love, so we might earn a small commission if you decide to purchase. However, we believe in giving back as a company, so we'll be donating these profits back to great nonprofits making a difference in the world.

1. Trekking the National Parks and Trekking the National Parks Trivia

Trekking the National Parks and Trekking the National Parks Trivia games

Where to get it: Underdog Games

We'll admit that we're biased with this one on the list, but we're pretty proud of our games at Underdog. Read more about the story of Trekking the National Parks here. Families can learn while they play with these National Parks games. Take a journey across the country from park to park, enjoying the beautiful photographs and fascinating facts. Or test your knowledge with a trivia game that people of all ages really can play together!

2. Personalized National Parks Photo Collection

Personalized National Parks photo mat with room for photos of visits

Where to get it: Thunder Bunny Labs at Etsy

With this photo display, create a one-of-a-kind presentation of your favorite National Parks memories. Print and add your own images to fill in the mat, plus personalize the header any way you like.

3. Add-a-Sticker National Parks Water Bottle

Water bottle with spaces to add stickers for each National Park as you visit

Where to get it: Madison Printing Co at Etsy

It's important to stay hydrated while you explore the parks, and this is a way to do it in style! Add a new sticker each time you add a new park to your list.

4. National Park Sculpture Necklace

Round pendant with textured clay sculpted into a scene from Zion National Park

Where to get it: National Park Pendants at Uncommon Goods

Take a close look at the detail on these pendants. They're each made from hand-sculpted clay, representing scenes from parks like Zion, Acadia, and Grand Teton. Incredible!

5. Illustrated National Parks 2023 Calendar

National Parks Calendar 2023

Where to get it: 2023 National Parks Calendar at Amazon

There are a lot of National Parks calendars out there. In fact, Underdog Games has its own free printable version here. But we also love the vintage feel of the illustrations on this one. They're recreations of the original WPA posters of years gone by.

6. America the Beautiful National Parks Annual Pass

National Parks Annual Pass

Where to get it: USGS Store

Any National Parks lover will make really good use of an America the Beautiful annual parks pass. It provides admission for up to four people to more than 2,000 federally-managed sites, including National Parks, National Monuments, and National Wildlife Refuges. 

7. National Parks Scratch Off Poster

National Parks Scratch Off Poster

Where to get it: National Parks Scratch Off Poster at Amazon

There's something so satisfying about checking items off a list, especially when you get to scratch them off! Buy this one at the link, or try making your own using Underdog's free printable poster and a pack of scratch-off stickers.

8. Customize Your Own Park Sign

National Parks Customizable Sign

Where to get it: Little Painted Things at Etsy

Just the sight of the iconic National Park signs are enough to evoke all kinds of terrific memories. That's why we love the idea of personalizing your own sign as an address marker or office door sign.

9. National Geographic Atlas of the National Parks

National Geographic Atlas of the National Parks

Where to get it: Atlas of the National Parks at Amazon

What do you get when you combine National Parks with National Geographic? This comprehensive and detailed look at each one, with maps, beautiful photography, and engaging information that will keep a reader interested for hours on end.

10. Subpar Parks

Subpar Parks

Where to get it: Subpar Parks at Amazon

Know a National Parks lover who also loves to laugh? This book will have them in stitches! Author Amber Share's illustrations started out as Instagram posts that quickly went viral. She finds less-than-ecstatic reviews of National Parks and illustrates them. The juxtaposition is hilarious, and every page will have nature buffs rolling their eyes and giggling away.

11. National Parks of the U.S.A.

National Parks of the U.S.A.

Where to get it: National Parks of the USA at Amazon

Younger Parks fans will enjoy this book, full of beautiful illustrations and amazing facts about each park. It's written for elementary age kids, but anyone can learn something new as they turn the pages.

12. National Parks Badge Reel

National Parks Badge Reel

Where to get it: National Duty Supply at Etsy

Ever dream of being a National Parks ranger? Clip this badge reel to your belt to hold your work or school ID, and you can feel a little bit like you're heading off on duty in the parks!

13. Parks Project Candles

National Parks Yosemite Candle

Where to get it: Parks Project

They say that fragrances are better at evoking memory than any other sense. That's why these National Parks candles make such great gifts. Burn one to smell the pines of Yosemite or the wild lavender of the Rocky Mountains.

14. National Parks Bandana

Bandana with simple illustrations for each National Park

Where to get it: National Parks Bandana at Uncommon Goods

Tie this around your neck on your next hike, or hang it on the wall to recall your favorite scenes. The charming illustrations capture the spirit of each individual park.

15. Scenic Science of the National Parks

Scenic Science of the National Parks

Where to get it: Scenic Science of the National Parks on Amazon

In addition to their beauty, National Parks are chock-full of incredible science. Chemistry, biology, geology, botany, zoology... all these and more are free with every National Parks admission. Learn more about the National Parks science all around you in this book, which kids and adults will both enjoy.

16. National Parks Tote Bag

National Parks Tote Bag

Where to get it: Paper Source

Hiking the Parks calls for a good backpack, but if you're just off for an afternoon picnic, this tote bag is perfect. Toss in your lunch, reusable water bottle, binoculars, and guide book, and you're all set!

17. National Parks Note Cards

National Parks Note Cards

Where to get it: National Parks Note Cards on Amazon

Bring a touch of the National Parks to your correspondence with these gorgeous cards. You get a selection of 12, each featuring a famous scene from a different park. 

18. National Parks Ornaments

National Parks Gifts: Ornaments

Where to get it: Audra Azoury Design on Etsy

Ornaments are such a fun way to remember all your travels. As you hang them on the tree each year, take time to recall your favorite moments from each trip.

19. National Parks Posters

National Parks Posters

Where to get it: National Parks Vintage Posters on Amazon

Here's a cool decorating idea: pair National Parks posters like these with photographs you've taken yourself in each park. Plus, if you're looking for wall décor, be sure to check out Underdog's free National Parks Map printable poster here.

20. National Parks Coasters

National Parks Coasters

Where to get it: Map Your Travels on Etsy

This Etsy artist lets you customize your own set of coasters. Choose your favorites from their wide selection, and they'll package each set of four with a bamboo holder.

21. National Parks Puffy Blanket

Puffy blanket showing an image of the Grand Canyon

Where to get it: Puffy Blanket at Uncommon Goods

When you're not out adventuring, remember your favorite trip while you cuddle under one of these comfy blankets and watch documentaries instead. Choose from half a dozen National Parks, including Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Great Smoky Mountains.

22. National Parks Puzzle

National Parks Gifts: Puzzle

Where to get it: National Parks Puzzle at Amazon

Puzzles are always a popular choice at National Parks gift shops, but we love this one for its collection of oil painting-style images. Relive your favorite park visits while you put it together, and plan for new ones in the future.

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