Printable Road Trip Games to Keep Kids Entertained

Printable Road Trip Games to Keep Kids Entertained

Stacy Tornio Stacy Tornio

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We'd love to make your next trip even more enjoyable and entertaining with these printable road trip games. Whether you're going 50 miles or 500, we have some games and printables that are perfect for kids. These are a nice break from screen time and electronics.

Here's what you'll get in the Underdog Games road trip kit: 

  • Car bingo 
  • Road Trip jokes 
  • Journal sheets to write about the road trip 
  • License plate search game 
  • Road sign alphabet race

Here's a closer look at a few of the pages from the Road Trip Kit:

I've played all of these as a kid, and I'm happy we're able to pass them on to you and your family. All you need to do is print and go, and you should be all set. I really love the journal sheets in here, encouraging your family to capture memories, both before and after the trip. It's the perfect way to look back and embrace those memories. Also, the road sign alphabet game is one that my mom used to play with us on every single road trip. You can really play it with any age. 

We really think kids of any age will find an activity here to get involved with, and many of them get the entire family engaged. It's easy for the driver to laugh along with the road trip jokes or help spot license plates for the license plate search. 

We hope these road trip games make your trip even more enjoyable. And most of all, have a safe and fun adventure! 

If you want to bring along more entertainment for the car ride or a few grab-and-go games for your destination, check out this list of great portable road trip games. 

You might also want to get our mom trivia game to take along in the car. It's right here. 

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