Get the Full List of Trekking Through History Events

Get the Full List of Trekking Through History Events

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Want to know what we featured for Trekking Through History events? Take a look below at all 108 dates chosen for the game. You can learn more about how we selected these events in this article from Nick. The art for each date is beautiful, created by artist Eric Hibbeler. We hope you're able to see the cards for yourself. They really bring each scene and moment to life! 

Here's a full list of the Trekking Through History events. 

-37,000 Leave your handprint in the Maros-Pangkep caves

-12,000 Hunt bison with an atlatl

-3500 Roll the first wheel

-2686 Play senet with the Egyptians

-2000 Take a dip in The Great Bath

-1772 Discuss the code of law with Hammurabi

-1472 Create your own success with Hatshepsut. 

-1300 Barbecue with the Mycenaeans

-500 Drink "Hot Chocolate" with the Mayans

-708 Cheer at the Ancient Olympics

-528 Meditate with the Buddha

-520 Expand your mind with Confucius

-506 Learn the Art of War from Sun Tzu

-450 Smelt iron with the Nigerian Nok

-400 Hunt with the real Amazonian women 

-377 Study medicine with Hippocrates

-347 Imagine a cave of shadows with Plato

-342 Hit the books with Alexander the Great

-332 Dock at the port of Carthage

-230 Sail under the Colossus of Rhodes

-221 Lay bricks on the Great Wall of China

-196 Help chisel the Rosetta Stone

-194 Study at the Great Library of Alexandria

-70 Shop at the markets of Petra 

-49 Cross the Rubicon with Julius Caesar

-41 Admire Cleopatra's dramatic flair

40 Save Vietnam with the Trung Sisters

124 Race a chariot

655 Play the ancient sport of Ulama

900 Track the movement of Venus at Chichen Itza

980 Discover Iceland with the Vikings

998 Learn from the polymath Avicenna

1110 Watch Emperor Song's grand fireworks show

1150 Carve intricate reliefs at Angkor Wat

1195 Surf with the Polynesians

1209 Ride with Genghis Khan

1230 Fire a medieval trebuchet

1271 Travel the Silk Road with Marco Polo

1280 Wrestle with Khutulun

1300 Carve giant heads on Easter Island

1324 Give away untold riches with Mansa Musa

1330 Paddle a Maori War Canoe

1385 Haggle at Great Zimbabwe

1429 March with Joan of Arc

1455 Work the Gutenberg Press

1471 Discover the secrets of Machu Picchu

1493 Seek scholarly advice at Timbuktu

1503 Paint with Leonardo da Vinci

1504 Sculpt with Michelangelo

1507 Observe the Dodo bird on Mauritius Island

1510 Paddle the causeways of Tenochtitlan

1519 Sail the globe with Magellan

1564 Throw dice with Gerolamo Cardano

1581 Joust at the Accession Day tilt

1587 Attend the Grand Kitano Tea Gathering

1601 Write a play with William Shakespeare

1610 Discover Jupiter's moons with Galileo

1629 Perform Kabuki theatre

1640 Study the blade with a Samurai

1666 Stroll through Isaac Newton's Apple Orchard

1690 Discuss revolutions with John Locke

1717 Hear Johann Sebastian Bach Perform

1752 Fly a kite with Benjamin Franklin

1762 Take a bite of the first sandwich

1776 See the signing of the Declaration of Independence

1785 Fly a hot air balloon across the English Channel

1794 Send a message with the semaphore

1801 Help free Haiti with Toussaint Louverture

1805 Explore the Louisiana Territory with Sacagawea

1809 Command a huge pirate fleet with Cheng I Sao

1815 See if you're taller than Napoleon Bonaparte

1823 Hunt fossils with Mary Anning

1829 Ride the "Rocket" with the Father of Railways

1835 Sail the Galapagos Islands with Charles Darwin

1843 Talk computers with the Countess of Lovelace

1849 Strike it rich in the Gold Rush

1850 Plan escape routes with Harriet Tubman

1863 Hear the Gettysburg Address

1869 Raft the Colorado River with John Powell

1889 Trek the world with Nellie Bly

1891 Tour Tesla's lab

1893 Ride the ferris wheel at the World's Fair

1894 Race in the Paris–Rouen

1901 Catch a Vaudeville show

1903 Fly with the Wright Brothers

1905 Study relativity with Albert Einstein

1909 Be psychoanalyzed by Sigmund Freud

1911 Advance chemistry with Marie Curie 

1914 Practice Suffrajitsu

1918 Read braille with Helen Keller

1923 Excavate King Tut's tomb

1925 Pet the loyal dog Hachikō

1930 March to the salt works with Gandhi

1933 Stretch with Krishnamacharya 

1942 Crack codes with Alan Turing

1947 Break the sound barrier with Chuck Yeager

1951 Dance ballet with Maria Tallchief

1953 See DNA more clearly with Rosalind Franklin

1955 Boycott busses with Rosa Parks

1959 Explore the ocean with Jacque Cousteau

1960 Study chimpanzees with Jane Goodall

1963 Share a dream with Martin Luther King Jr.

1969 Moonwalk with the Apollo 11 crew

1977 Reforest the earth with Wangari Maathai

1985 Rock out at Live Aid

1989 Tear down the Berlin Wall

1990 Excavate the T-Rex "Sue"

1994 Cast your vote for Nelson Mandela

Learn more about our new board game, Trekking Through History, here.

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