Get Updates from Our Team in Underdog Games Studio

Get Updates from Our Team in Underdog Games Studio

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Our Underdog Games Studio team is hard at work on multiple games and projects. Nick Bentley is the head of our studio, and Charlie Bink is our lead designer.  We often get questions about what we're working on or what's next for upcoming games, so we decided to create a newsletter to keep you informed. Sign up below to get studio updates! 

In addition to getting updates about what we're up to in the studio, we also have an Underdog Games Advisors program. Through it, you can be the first to play test our games and also interact closely with our team. We'd love to have you in there. To learn more about this program and to apply, check it out here

Thanks for your interest in what we're doing here at Underdog Games Studio. We hope to see you on a playtest soon! 

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