5 Reasons HerStory: The Board Game is My Go-To Gift This Christmas

It’s #1 on my holiday gift guide this year.

By Stacy Tornio
I’ve rarely felt so passionate about a board game. And by rarely, I mean never.

1. It’s cheaper than taking my family to the movies.

The last time I took my family to the movies, it cost me more than $100. I love that a $40 board game will give my family hours of entertainment. We never regret getting out a game and sitting down to play.

2. It’s screen-free time my kids will actually do.

Brains need breaks. While my teenage kids will complain the entire time leading up to screen-free time, it’s so good once we get into it. I don’t even mind their trash talk.

3. It gives back—girls around the world will get a better education because of it.

This game donates a portion of all proceeds to the Malala Fund. This amazing organization has the most beautiful, simple message—to educate more girls around the world. Malala is also featured in the game.

HerStory is on Sale!

4. It has a legit promise to celebrate diversity—and it delivers.

The game itself features 120 women in it. More than 50% of them are non-white and many of them are considered lesser-known. I’ve now played HerStory with many people, and the discovery that happens during the game is absolutely incredible.

5. Because as Lizzo says—it’s about damn time.

Fewer than 11% of K-12 textbook references are devoted to specific women (Whyy.org / PBS). We have to do a better job of giving women credit—and not just during Women’s History Month either.

This game has stolen my heart. And I hope it has the chance to make a great gift with your family and friends as well.

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HerStory: The Family Board Game of Remarkable Women

LEARN in 5 minutes

PLAY in under an hour

CELEBRATE 120 iconic women

$50 $40