About Us


  -  Co-Founder

Hasan founded and scaled a 7-figure Amazon E-Commerce business and is now using his expertise in online sales and marketing to build Underdog Games from the ground up. Working with game companies has always been a passion for Hasan as there is nothing he enjoys more than seeing his partners grow and thrive.




Charlie is a seasoned game developer and artist and has spent over a decade working in the tabletop gaming industry. He previously  self-published the original Trekking the National Parks (winner of the 2015 Mensa Select Award) as well as the trick taking game PUPS! Besides making games, Charlie loves teaching games to new players and watching them fall in love with the hobby.


Dave Cisek  -  

Director of Sales

Dave is an entrepreneur from Long Island, NY, with a love for all things sales and marketing. His affinity for aesthetics and brand-building led him to join the Underdog Games team.