We're Looking for Great Game Ideas from Women!

This is a rare opportunity to submit a game idea to Underdog Games! We don't typically take unsolicited pitches, but we're opening up a submission window for a short time to women designers and creators. We will select 10 women to pitch their game idea to our team at Underdog Studio. 

FAQs About Submitting an Idea

What types of games are you looking for?

Get to know who we are! We make gateway games for both gamers and non-gamers. We also make games on topics that people are passionate about. If you're not familiar with us, read up on our story, games, and blog right here on the site!

When do I need to submit my idea by?

Our submission window will close on March 20, 2022. We will notify everyone who submitted whether they were chosen to pitch by early to mid April.

Who will I be pitching to and when?

You will be presenting your idea to Nick Bentley, president of Underdog Studio as well as Charlie Bink, cofounder of Underdog Games. This will likely happen in early April, and we will reach out to coordinate an exact date and time. All pitches will be virtual.

Do I need a protype or a virtual simulation?

You don't have to have a full prototype or to have a virtual simulation of your game. But it should be well thought out. You should be able to show us something visually and should be able to describe your game easily within 30 seconds—think elevator pitch!

Why are you only open to women?

Because women are underrepresented in this industry, and we want to encourage more women designers and creators.

What if I have other questions?

You can email Stacy if you have any other questions: stacy@underdoggames.com.

More Tips for Submitting an Idea

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