5 Reasons Why This Game Is On Everyone's Christmas Wishlist 🎉

Tired of giving gifts that wind up sitting in a corner, forgotten? Looking for something meaningful to give a woman or girl in your life? This family-friendly board game has quickly become the #1 most wished for Christmas gift in 2022.

1. It's a Celebration of Women

HerStory is a celebration of women, both modern favorites and historic legends. 120 women are featured in the game and over 30 women were part of the creation of the game. 

"There are no other games on the market that celebrate women like this one. This is literally a love letter to us" - Jenn

2. She Deserves to Learn About Icons That Look Like Her

Girls and women deserve to see iconic women who look like them. Fewer than 11% of K-12 textbook references are devoted to specific women (Why.org/PBS). Plus, 53% of all mentions of women in history fall within the context of domestic roles (Smithsonian). HerStory specifically spotlights and celebrates incredible women throughout history—of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Give her an opportunity to look up to someone who looks just like her. She'll remember it for years.

3. It's Easy for All Ages to Play

From 8-98, people of all ages can play and enjoy HerStory. It only takes 60 seconds to learn how to play, and it gets a seal of approval from both gathers and non-gamers. HerStory was in development for more than 2 years and was tested by 150+ people. This game is quickly becoming a favorite for birthday parties, family game night, and at family events at Grandma's house.

4. Teachers and Students Had a Big Role in Bringing This Game to Life in Powerful Ways

When the team set out to make a game highlighting incredible women in history, they knew they'd have to have the right team in place. An advisory group of teachers (left) helped choose the women for the game, and middle school students conducted powerful research. In addition, a team of award-winning game designers and writers collaborated on the design and content of the game. All in all, more than 60 women helped create HerStory.  

5. 120 Women are in the Game

The women in the game are the true stars. Each oversized card is filled with gorgeous, custom art, illustrated by the talented and popular artist, Eunice Adeyi. On the reverse side of the cards, their stories and achievements are featured with both well-known and little-known tidbits. HerStory bridges the gap between an exciting board game and a learning moment about the powerful females of history and the legacy they left.

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