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HerStory: The Board Game is the game we've all been waiting for. 



4.9/5.0 (7,500 Reviews)

The women in the game are just as remarkable as her.

Whether she plays it with her closest friends, daughter, or mom, she'll love discovering other great women.

"HerStory's rules are simple to learn but offer surprising depth of strategy, perfect for mixed-age game groups." 

"This is definitely a game that I will be sharing with other moms and friends. Anyone with kids can easily learn and play this."

"There are no other games on the market that celebrate women like this one. This is literally a love letter to us."

The women in the game are just as remarkable as her.


HerStory: The Family Board Game

of Remarkable Women

4.8/5.0 (33,505 reviews)



120 historic legends and modern icons are featured in this game. Plus the women have special powers along the way, which always makes the game fresh, new, and interesting. 

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120 iconic women

Take a Closer Look at the Game

You'll Love the Neoprene Playmat

This large playmat is called the Idea Board, and it holds all the game pieces.

Each Player Has Their Own Desk

The desks hold the different chapters of your book. There's also library cards to help you out along the way! 

It's really a game the entire family can enjoy.

Start Playing in 5 Minutes

The rules are simple. Anyone can learn how to play in 5 minutes or less. Just take a research token, and you'll be well on your way as you begin writing your book. 

You Always Learn About Someone New

With 120 different women featured in the game, there's always an opportunity to learn about someone new. And since the different women feature different powers, no two games are the same.

Malala, Jane, Frida, and Others are Waiting to be Discovered

On the back of every card, there are unique facts and interesting tidbits about every single women. It helps us all learn about these incredible, little-known women.


All the game pieces are beautiful and high quality.

You'll love the neoprene mat, linen cards, and other quality components.

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