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Trekking the National Parks: The Family Board Game




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Created by a family that hiked every National Park!

Ages 8+ | 45-60 minute playtime | 2-5 players

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The Perfect Addition to Your Curriculum

"A beautifully illustrated walk through history. This gateway game is fun, education, and it features accurate information while respecting cultures." — Meg Grooms, Gameschool Academy

Built for the home classroom

This board game not only encourages teamwork and strategic thinking, but it also teaches players about the natural beauty and history of the United States' national parks.

Covers a range of subject materials

As players journey through the parks, they'll learn about different wildlife, geographical features, and conservation efforts, making this game the perfect addition to your homeschool curriculum.

Fun for the whole family

In addition to its educational benefits, Trekking the National Parks is also incredibly fun to play. 

With fast-paced gameplay and exciting challenges, your family will have a blast while learning and bonding together.

The most-awarded National Parks game

Trekking has won the MENSA Select, Parent's Choice Gold Award, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, and countless others.

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Product Details


Ages 8+


2-5 Players


45-60 minute playtime


Easy-to-learn video instructions

"I didn't know what to think. Buying a game for $50 is out of our homeschool budget, but I buckled down and went for it. I am glad that I did. This game is an educational journey around the USA. I loved the descriptions on each of the National Parks cards. The kids are learning every time they play. We have even shuffled the card and drawn for each kid to research a new National Park. Two thumbs up from this homeschooling family!"

-Kris Mazy

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