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Celebrate 120 iconic women

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Premium Components

120 Oversized Linen embossed Ivorycore cards

Neoprene mat with a running stitch for beauty and durability

Matte laminated player boards for reduced glare

Self-standing leatherette pouch

1-inch tall hardwood "Pushpin" scoring markers

"I plan to buy this as a gift for like 3 different families this year."

In HerStory, you're an acclaimed author, writing a book to tell the stories of remarkable women. Discover iconic historical women as you do research, draft chapters, and complete them for points and special powers.

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We make games with premium, long-lasting components and attention to detail. Experience has taught us games with the right components tend to be more fun. Also the world is too full of disposable products and we don't want to contribute to that. 

We started with hundreds of names, then worked with a group of teacher advisors to narrow the list. Learn more here.

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It's possible you've never played a game like HerStory. Don't let the term "strategy game" scare you. Learning to play is a breeze. We've tested it with grade schoolers and seniors - both camps loved it. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee, so you can buy without risk.

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