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The perfect gift for any national park fan

Track your journey across the National Parks. Featuring custom stickers of all 63 national parks and 3 lid options

100% Leak-Proof (3 Lids Included)

BPA-Free Stainless Steel

24 Hours Cold, 12 Hours Hot

32oz Capacity

312 Reviews

20% Off + Extra Sticker Set + Free Shipping

created by national park lovers, for national park lovers

Leak-proof and

dust-proof straw

Stainless Steel, Double Wall,

Vacuum Insulation

Durable Moisture-Resistant


All 63 National Parks


Comfortable + Durable handle

Featuring all 63 National Parks

From Acadia to American Samoa, From Kobuk Valley to the Virgin Islands, the bottle celebrates our National Parks with its visually appealing stickers.

Includes 2 complete, weather-proof sticker sets.

312 Reviews

National Parks Water Bottle (pre-order)

Track your journey across America's National Parks with the National Parks Water Bottle. Features etchings of all National Parks with matching, weather-proof stickers to place on the bottle and log your journey.

PRE-ORDER DISCOUNT: 20% Off + Extra Sticker Set + Free Shipping


Durable, wash-safe stickers - Replacement set included

3 unique lids included (Chug Cap, Straw Lid, and Classic Spout)

Double-wall insulation to keep your beverage cold or hot for hours

High-quality playing pieces
(free replacement parts forever!)



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My family and I have been journeying across the US to see all the National Parks for the past 5 years. This bottle has become a wonderful way to reminisce on past trips, showcase our travels, and dream about our future trips. The bottle itself is the highest quality that I own - we all love it.


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a Lid for everyone in the family

Every water bottle includes 3 unique lids: A silicon straw lid, a "chug" cap, and a spout lid for those that prefer a classic water bottle.

All lids are 100% leak-proof and BPA free.

Meet the Creators:
John & Terry

After achieving their lifelong goal of visiting all the National Parks, John & Terry strive to share their journey and love of the National Parks with families across the world.

"As we watch families explore and learn about the parks, we are filled with a sense of pride and joy, knowing that we have given others the chance to experience the beauty and excitement of the national parks in a new and unique way."

5-Star Experiences

To Summit Up


BPA-Free Stainless Steel

3 Different Lids

Weatherproof Stickers

100% Leak-Proof

Track your Journey

32oz Capacity


How long does it keep drinks cold and hot for?

The bottle is double wall insulated and will keep your drink hot for up to 9 hours, and chilled for 18 hours.

Is it leak-proof?

How can I clean the bottle?

Is it made from safe materials?

Does some of the money go to a charity?

The National Parks Companion

Ready, set, drink!