Great Smoky Mountains
National Park

You got Great Smoky Mountains!

“Away acrost his valley he sees Black Mountain rising jagged to the sky…and if he looks to the left on past it, he sees all the furtherest ranges, line on line. Purple and blue and blue again and smoky until you can’t tell the mountains apart from the sky. Lord, it’ll make a man think something, seeing that. It’ll make a man think deep." – Lee Smith


Location: Tennessee & North Carolina

Established: 1934

Yearly Visitors: 11 million


When to Visit

The “fall color explosion” attracts very large crowds. If heat, haze and humidity are appealing, visit the Smokies in the summer! Spring weather is unpredictable from sunny skies to snow flurries.






Things to do

One of the main attractions at Great Smoky is Leaf Peeping.”  The fall color display begins as the deciduous trees begin to prepare for their annual shedding of leaves. Just prior to dropping their foliage, the leaves of the sugar maple, scarlet oak, sweet gum, red maple and the hickories explode into a vivid display of red, orange, purple and yellow!

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