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Explore National Parks at Your Fingertips

The world's most awarded national parks board game, inspired by real adventures.

  • Educational & Strategic Gameplay

  • Family-Friendly

  • Easy-To-Learn For All Ages

  • Up To 5 Players

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Created by our Family, for Your Family

Your next adventure begins now.

Inspires players to learn about and visit the country’s natural wonders

Screen-free entertainment

More than 250,000 copies sold

Strategic gameplay

Everyone's a winner

National Park Enthusiasts

All campers, hikers, and explorers welcome!

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Fun for the whole family.

Trekking The National Parks: The Award-Winning Family Board Game (2nd Edition)

8,000+ reviews

Trekking the National Parks is an award winning family board game where up to six players can visit our country’s majestic parks in a fun and competitive way! Gathering trek cards allows players to move across the map and claim valuable park cards. If a player is the first to visit a National Park, they collect that park's stone, which award bonus points at the end of the game. Players must jockey for position and make tough tactical decisions at every turn to emerge victorious!
  • Players: 2-5
  • Ages: 10+
  • Time: 30-60 Mins
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    It was the same price as the video game he wanted, and this was the WAY WAY WAY better choice. He has played it more than once every single day since his birthday, and Ive even found him sitting around reading the national park cards and planning out where he would like to go someday!


    Featuring all 63 National Parks

    Stretching from Acadia to American Samoa, from Kobuk Valley to the Virgin Islands, our country’s national parks represent a vast assortment of outdoor opportunities for all to enjoy!


    Fun and Educational


    Our family is a fan of Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, and Splendor. This game felt like a mix of all three! You race your opponents to pick up parks and battle to score enough victory points to win. It was easy to learn and I’m sure there are many strategies to pick up as we continue to play. I’d recommend this game to people who like a quick but strategic board game.

    Meet John & Terry

    They achieved their lifelong goal of visiting all the national parks. Then their son, Charlie, helped them make a board game about it.

    "As we watch families play and learn about the parks, we are filled with a sense of pride and joy, knowing that we have given others the chance to experience the beauty and excitement of the national parks in a new and unique way."


    What kind of game is it?

    Trekking The National Parks is an educational and engaging board game for up to 5 players who take on the role of adventurers, tasked with traveling through the national parks and completing strategic challenges along the way. While easy-to-learn, this game moves fast, making for endless entertainment and educational fun!