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Jen-Yi W

This game surprises me! To start with, I am an avid board gamer with a big collection of board games. At the same time, I also loves the outdoors. With a friend's recommendation, I picked up this game hoping it will be a good game I can play with my kids. I thought I was just getting a basic simple family game but I was wrong. This game is simple to learn yet offers enough depth even for gamers! This game is well produced with quality components. The cardboard, cards, plastic beads, and wooden tokens are well produced. The game play is very engaging as there are multiple objectives you can choose to go for. The rule can be easily learned within 10 minutes from the rule book, and taught within 5 minutes. The theme is great and is integrated with the game play very well. I love the pictures of the parks on the cards, accompanied with informative text that are very educational for kids and adults alike. Overall, I'm very happy with game and it will stay in my collection of games for sure!


Fantastic game for all ages!

Jerry H

Fantastic Game! Our family really likes board games and national parks so we were all excited about playing this one! After Christmas lunch we watched the video, then played in teams, slowly and referring to the instruction book. We helped each other for awhile, but once we understood the rules, it got crazy with competition and booting each other back to start. So much fun! It took about 30 minutes for all generations to catch on. My in-laws are in their 80’s and have been to most of the parks. Everyone enjoyed hearing about their memories. Here’s a picture of our winner. We will play again soon since we’re taking it on the next family vacation. The whole family recommends Trekking the National Parks.

So much fun for entire family

We bought Trekking The National Parks game so as soon as I heard this was out, we jumped all over it! So much fun for entire family and very educational! As a father of two elementary aged kids, this is AWESOME! My kids know more about the places around the world then I ever did at a young age. Only issue is, now they want to travel the world!!!

Barbara Gillespie

LOVE ❤️ This game!!! I purchased this game for my family. But mostly for my 8 year old Granddaughter. I have been to 25 parks and I want to spark a love in her to travel and visit our parks. I even purchased the companion guide, we read about 1 park each time we play the game.


I am so happy with this product!! Exactly what i wanted... great game with the family


Fantastic family game from littles to adults...including teens!

Justin S

Without a doubt, it delivered on all fronts. The game is a blast to play, and offers great pictures of the National Parks, and incredible trivia, as well. Our kids have only been to a handful of the Parks in real life, but this game has easily inspired them to see many more. We have played this game every night since we got it, and it has yet to feel boring or monotonous. Such a great game, and hopefully it will inspire others to adventure out into the true treasures of America.

Chad Sunda

I love this game. I had the pleasure to be able to experience this game from its earliest stages, and it keeps getting better. This family friendly game is a great combination of educational game for the kids, but still full of enough strategy and different play styles that experienced gamers will enjoy it over and over again.

Caitlin Craig

Hi there, You may never read this but I feel the need to let you know! The second I read this email, I ran and submitted my pre-order. I live in a house with 5 total mid 20 year olds and the National Parks game is the only thing that got us through quarantine. Since March we have played it over 20 times and continue to play. We are 5 very different people but this game has helped us bond so much. We definitely get competitive but we all love this game so much. I just want to thank you for this game! You guys are really doing this well.


Great game for the family and friends. Fun game that changes play by play. Learned a lot about America's National parks, some of them I didnt even know existed! Overall great buy, endless fun.


I ordered this game to have something fun to play as a family during quarantine. If you like Ticket to Ride, you will love this game. Personally, I like this game a lot better! The game is competitive but not cut-throat since you really don't know who is going to win until the end and points are tallied up. The game lasts about 30-45 minutes with three players.

R. Taylor

Fantastic game! We bought it for Christmas and our family of 5 has played it 4 times since we opened it yesterday morning. It appeals to all of us, ages 12-52. It was not hard to learn, especially because different aspects of it are somewhat similar to other games we love, like Ticket to Ride and Seven Wonders. It is NOT just like those games, though. It's definitely a unique and fun game in its own right and we think it's an awesome addition to our game collection.


I bought this game for my 15 year old son for his birthday. It was the same price as the video game he wanted, and this was the WAY WAY WAY better choice. He has played it more than once every single day since his birthday, and I’ve even found him sitting around reading the national park cards and planning out where he would like to go someday! The whole family enjoys the game from the 7 year old up. The video instructions were fabulous and made the learning curve of how to’s a snap.

Trevor F.

I'm a hobby gamer with a large game collection, but I still love finding games that can be enjoyed by family and friends who aren't into board games as much. This game is a knockout success! It is certainly inspired by Ticket to Ride but is ultimately a very different game that I believe will be easier to learn and get "good" at than Ticket to ride for most casual players. The game is beautiful with an extremely high quality board, lovely cards (the park cards are huge!), big chunky wooden player pieces, and even the box is super thick.

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