Help Us Discover More Incredible Moments From History

Help Us Discover More Incredible Moments From History

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With so many great moments in history, there was no way we could include them all in our new board game, Trekking Through History. We worked with a lot of supporters, history buffs, and a history teacher to select the 108 moments featured in the game. You can find the full list of events from the game right here.

As we narrowed down our list to these key moments, we knew there were so many more great people and events from history that deserved to be included. We'd love to keep a running list of those awe-inspiring figures and happenings from history to use in possible expansion packs or future editions of Trekking Through History. 

We're hoping you'll help us with this by sharing the people and events that YOU wish were in the game. Just fill out the form below, and we'll add your ideas to our collection to possibly include in future Trekking Through History products. 

We can't wait to see what other moments from history you nominate. Thanks for your help and support. 

Unsure about what to recommend? Consider asking yourself the same question that Nick Bentley asked when brainstorming events for the game:

"If you were to actually go on vacation to visit historical events in time and actually participate in those events, which would you choose?" 

Nick talks more about this approach in this article, and it could give you some tips as to what you might be able to suggest to make the cut. Thanks again for your ideas!

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