10 Whodunnit Mystery Games Like Clue for Wannabe Detectives

10 Whodunnit Mystery Games Like Clue for Wannabe Detectives

Jill Staake

Who doesn’t love the triumph of announcing “It was Professor Plum… in the library… with the lead pipe!” The mystery game Clue has been a hit family game for decades, introducing generations to suspicious characters like Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard. Games like Clue are beloved by families, teaching kids and adults alike how to use logic to find the answer. In fact, Clue is so popular that it’s produced a number of spin-offs, including Harry Potter Clue, Star Wars Clue, and even an expanded Clue Master Detective edition that includes more than the usual suspects.

If you’re on the hunt for more mystery games to expand your line-up, we’re on the case. We asked Underdog Games fans to spill the beans on their favorites, then searched high and low for more well-reviewed options for every age and interest. Some are games like Clue where each player attempts to solve the mystery, on their own or cooperatively. Others are asymmetrical games, where one player is the criminal or even a traitor out to foil the rest. So grab your magnifying glass and put on your detective hat—it’s time to solve a mystery or two!


Mystery Games Like Clue: Outfoxed!

Think of this like Clue for beginners! Mrs. Plumpert’s prized pot pie has gone missing. Can you and your friends work together to track it down? We love the cooperative nature of this one, encouraging teamwork among little ones. Gameplay is quick, too, which is nice for short attention spans. Older kids may find this game simplistic, but youngsters will love it. (2-4 Players, Ages 4-8)

Cat Crimes and Dog Crimes

Mystery Games Like Clue: Cat Crimes

These are more games like Clue for the younger crowd (no murder here!). Each card presents a brief mystery to solve and a number of clues. You use the game board to help narrow down the suspects and find the answer. The mystery cards offer increasing levels of difficulty, so every age can get in on the fun. Though they’re designed for a single-player, these games can be played cooperatively by multiple kids or families. (1 Player, Ages 8-12)

5-Minute Mystery: The Museum of Everything

Mystery Games Like Clue: 5-Minute Mysteries

Looking for quick mystery games? The new 5-Minute Mystery series is your pick! In this one, the museum curator’s MacGuffin is missing! Use the case cards for clues and enter the correct symbols on the cryptex to catch the culprit. Each game is unique, and really can be completed in just a few minutes. (1-6 Players, Ages 8+)

Scotland Yard

Mystery Games Like Clue: Scotland Yard

This mystery game has been around a long time, but it remains a classic. One player takes on the role of the mysterious Mr. X, who moves around the City of London game board in an attempt to elude the other players. These players work together as detectives, trying to track down and land on Mr. X’s (hidden) location. Set aside at least 45 minutes for a game. (3-6 Players, Ages 10+)


Mystery Games Like Clue: Obscurio

Obscurio is a mystery game set in a fantasy world. Players are trapped in a magical library, trying to make their way out using clues from a Grimoire spell book. They work together to elude the evil sorcerer determined to stop them, but beware! One player is secretly a traitor, attempting to mislead the rest. Expect a game to last 45 minutes or so. (2-8 Players, Ages 10+)


Mystery Games Like Clue: Mysterium

This is one of those games like Clue, but with a bit of a twist. A terrible crime once occurred on the grounds of Mysterium Manor, and players must cooperate to determine what happened. One player knows the answer, and offers clues using beautifully-illustrated image cards to help lead the others to the solution. Like many others, this one has about a 45-minute gameplay time. (2-7 Players, Ages 10+)


Mystery Games Like Clue: Spyfall

In this asymmetrical mystery game, all players start by receiving a card telling them the group’s location—except for one. That player is the spy, and must participate in the group discussion while trying to determine where the rest of the group is before the time is up, without blowing their own cover! This 15 minutes-or-less game is full of bluffs and clever questions, and will have you looking at friends and family in a whole new way. (3-8 Players, Ages 13+)

Unsolved Case Files: Jane Doe

Mystery Games Like Clue: Unsolved Case Files

Ready to do some serious investigating? The Unsolved Case Files series is right up your alley. Each one presents a complex case to crack, including several smaller mysteries that help you along the way. You’ll get case files full of evidence to comb through, including documents, photographs, witness statements and more. Expect this to be an hours-long adventure, ideal for rainy afternoons or game nights. (2+ Players, Ages 13+)

221B Baker Street, Deluxe Edition

Mystery Games Like Clue: 221B Baker Street

That address should ring a bell with any true mystery fan! Travel back to Victorian London and work to solve one of 200 mysteries written especially for the game. You can play alone, or cooperatively or competitively with two or more players. Each game takes at least an hour, in general. (1+ Players, Ages 14+)

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Mystery Games Like Clue: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

This mystery game is great for a group. One player is the murderer, who chooses their weapon and the evidence to leave behind. Another takes on the role of forensic scientist, who offers expert analysis of the evidence, but must stick to the facts. The rest of the group are investigators, using those clues to catch the killer. Multiple cards and scenarios mean you can play this 20-minute game over and over. (4-12 Players, Ages 14+)

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