Looking for a Space Board Game? Check Out These Favorites!

Looking for a Space Board Game? Check Out These Favorites!

Stacy Tornio

Space is such a fascinating and mystifying place for so many of us. We dream about exploring beyond Planet Earth and learning everything we can about galaxies far far away. Recently, a teacher (who also a parent and loves board games) reached out to us, asking us to recommend a space board game. They wanted something they could play at home with their family and take to school for their students. 

We did some digging and also reached out to our Underdog Games fans to ask for their suggestions—thanks to all who responded! In recommending games, we always try to pick family-friendly games that cover a mix of ages and interests. Plus we also look at general availability and reviews from places like Board Game Geek as we finalize the list. So let's get to it. Here are the top space games to check out. (Be sure to check the honorable mentions at the end as well—we have 22 total on this list!) 

The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine 

The Crew boardgame

You'll win together or lose together in this trick-taking card game. The game includes 50 different missions (each lasting 5 to 10 minutes) that take place across the solar system. For ages 10 and up and 3-5 players, The Crew has many different ways to play and win. You can easily knock out a game in 15 to 20 minutes. 

Xtronaut 2.0: The Game of Solar System Exploration

Xtronaut board game

Designed by a NASA leader, Xtronaut 2.0 truly helps kids learn about space in a fun way. The entire game is based on real planetary missions and and rocket science. As you go, you select mission cards and get points when you complete each one. It's perfect for 2-6 players and works well for ages 7 and up. 


The goal of the game is simple—you need to use space tools to fix the spaceship. As your entire team tries to succeed together (5 minutes is on the clock), you try to uncover all the pieces of the spaceship in order to win. It might get a little loud—the creators even call it a shouting game. But it's a fast-paced, quick game that will definitely bring people together. It works well for 3-6 players, ages 12 and up. 


starlink board game

Have you ever looked up at a clear night sky and tried to find shapes within the stars? This kid-friendly drawing game will encourage you to use your imagination as you look for hidden treasures in the stars. It's great for ages 8+ and 3-6 players. It's perfect for helping little hands develop fine motor skills. 

Terraforming Mars 

space board game - transforming mars

It has many accolades to be proud of, including being a Board Game Geek favorite and winning multiple awards. As you complete projects (more than 200 options), you try to make Mars more habitable for humans. While building your empire, you're competing with other CEOS. The game is good for ages 12 and up. Be sure to check out Terraforming Mars Prelude as well. 

Twilight Imperium 

twilight imperium

Definitely a more advanced game (ages 14 and up), Twilight Imperium is still a favorite among game board enthusiasts. With a random board setup and more than 17 different races to do, there's always a new or different way to play. Games can take 4 hours or more, so save this one when you have the time to commit. 

Star Wars: X-Wing - The Force Awakens 

star wars board game

Can you even have a board games list without the mention of Star Wars? We think not! This 2-player game goes fast as you battle head-to-head for control of the galaxy. The game pieces are fun, and it's perfect for all Star Wars fans. 

More Space Board Game Honorable Mentions 

We received so many recommendations for great space games, so we're keeping the list going below. Keep in mind that some of these games might be out of print or harder to find. Also, many skew toward older ages, so consider this if you're purchasing for a kid in your life. 

  • Beyond the Sun, 12+
  • Brave New Worlds, 12+
  • Butts in Space, 9+
  • Catan: Starfarers, 14+ 
  • Forbidden Sky, 10+ 
  • Lupo: The Space Adventure , 8+
  • Mole Rats in Space, 7+
  • Migration: Mars, 12+
  • Race Through Space, 6+
  • Space Explorers, 10+ 
  • Solar Quest, 8+
  • Space Base, 14+
  • Star Fleet Battles, 8+
  • Star Trek Ascendancy, 14+
  • Xia: Legends of a Drift System, 12+

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