Get Your Summer Kid Activities Here!

Get Your Summer Kid Activities Here!

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Hooray–summer is here! While that means more time for family fun, it can also leave parents and kids wondering what to do with all that extra free time. We've got you covered! Our one-of-a-kind Summer Boredom Kit provides tons of awesome summer kid activities for FREE. Download it and print it at home so you're ready to go when you hear that first "I'm bored" from your kids this summer.

Our Summer Boredom Kit includes pages and pages of fun activities and also encourages kids to create their own list of ideas to inspire them when they're feeling bored. The kit is 14-pages long. Here's a sneak peek at three of them: 

Here's what's all included in this fun-for-all-ages Summer Boredom Kit: 

  • Things to Do This Summer
  • My Plan For Today
  • Top 10 Things I Want to Do This Summer
  • I'm Bored! Activity Ideas
  • Would You Rather? Game
  • Summertime Scattergories Game
  • Summertime Search & Find
  • Build Your Own Board Game Template

If you'd like, print out multiple copies of the kit so your child can engage with it several times or consider laminating a few of the pages so they can be used over and over again. 

One of our favorite things about the Summer Boredom Kit is that is encourages kids to come up with their own solutions to feeling bored and create a list of activities they can do for fun when they're unsure of what to do. We also provide several pages of unique ideas to get kids thinking outside the box and trying creative, hands-on projects that will hopefully join their regular summer rotation of activities. 

We tried to include ideas that appealed to all kinds of kids, whether they enjoy art, pretend play, animals, cars, the outdoors, or trying new games. We also made sure to include ideas that appealed to a wide-range of ages to ensure this kit could be enjoyed by as many kids as possible. We hope the entire family loves it. Happy summer!

Need more simple, fun ideas for all ages? Try our free printable Paper and Pencil Games Kit, which includes 12 games that only require a pencil to play!

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