Simple Outdoor Games for Kids Printable

Simple Outdoor Games for Kids Printable

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Get kids outside for some classic fun with these printable simple outdoor games for kids! Whether they're together for a party, reunion, vacation, camp, or daily neighborhood play, kids of all ages will love flipping through these cards and trying all the games, which will lead to hours of outdoor fun. 

Plus, all 12 of these fun cards are free and printable. To get yours, simply enter your email below. 

We love how fun each card looks and that no equipment is required for any of the games–kids simply read through the instruction and go. With over 10 outdoor games to play, there's plenty of variety to keep kids engaged in gameplay. We're also hoping they'll think of a few of their own outdoor games to add to their list of options. 

Here are a few examples of the cards so you can see what they'll look like when they arrive in your inbox. Simply cut along the dotted lines, and they're ready! We recommend printing them out on heavier card stock for durability. To make the cards last even longer, try laminating them, punching a hole in them, and attaching them to a round o-ring carabiner so they stay together. 

Here's a list of all the games included in this Outdoor Games kit:

Team Tag

Follow The Leader

Freeze Tag

Ghosts In The Graveyard


Mother, May I?

Red Light, Green Light

Red Rover, Red Rover


Shark & Minnows

Steal The Bacon

What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?

These cards make it easy for kids of all ages to play together almost anywhere and for the fun to go on and on. Many adults will remember playing these classic games as a child, and the good times that came with each one. We're big believers in simple, easy fun, and we especially love it when it happens outdoors!

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You can get these outdoor games without the printable here.

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