History Games for Kids in Our Kids' History Kit

History Games for Kids in Our Kids' History Kit

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Trekking Through History is filled with fun facts, interesting tidbits, and cool moments in history. Each card of this game features a unique event in history, along with information on the back where you can learn more. We know the game will be a great resource for parents and teachers, so we took the opportunity to take it one step further to create history games for kids in this kids' history kit. 

This kit uses inspiration and art from the game, Trekking Through History, to create games and activities. Fill out the email form below to sign up for the kit. And keep reading if you're looking for more details about it. 

Here are the history games for kids you'll find in this kit. 

Would You Rather 

Play this familiar game, and then use the blank card to create your own scenarios. 

Who Am I? 

Use these clues to try to guess the famous person. It's a history game for kids that will keep 'em guessing. 

History Scramble 

Will you be able to put the events in chronological order? 

History Trivia 

How good are your trivia skills? Put them to the test here. 

History Match Up 

Match up the descriptions to the place or object. 

Don't forget to check out our Family History Kit as well. It's a great kit and activity to get kids learning about their ancestors. 

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