HerStory's Women in History Activity Kit

HerStory's Women in History Activity Kit

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Our newest board game, HerStory, spotlights the lives of incredible women in history and their impact on the world. The game is fun and inspiring, but it's also a wonderful educational tool. At Underdog, we specifically look for ways to create games and activities that engage kids and provide learning opportunities, which is why we created a versatile HerStory activity kit to accompany the game. We also uncovered so much great information about each of the women in the game, there was no way we could fit it all, so we used it to help create these activity pages.

As always, this entire kit is free. All you have to do is sign up below and print it out at home, school, or a local print shop. 

See What's in the Kit

This activity kit is among our best yet, providing a variety of activities for different ages and skill levels. Here's what you'll find in it:

  • Gorgeous coloring pages featuring women and art from the game
  • 120 posters with extended facts about each of the women in the game
  • Printable biography kit for kids to uncover more facts

Here's a peek at what the kit looks like:

All of these printables enhance a player's experience with HerStory, but the game isn't even necessary to benefit from them (although we would love for you to get a copy of it right here!). Our Women in History activity kit is intended to spark curiosity about these remarkable women and inspire kids to think about their own impact on the world. We hope it will be fun and useful in any classroom or at home. 

So whether the kids you know play HerStory the game, fill out the biography sheets, or simply complete the coloring pages, we love knowing that the game and this printable kit introduce them to iconic women and inspires them to uncover more facts about them.

To learn more about HerStory and the team of student researchers and educational advisors that helped create the game, click here

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