How to Play & FAQ- Trekking the National Parks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Once I occupy the major park Acadia, and I have the ability to trade any 2 Trek cards in for one wild, how many times can I use this ability each turn?

A: If you occupy Acadia, you can use the ability as many times as you like on your turn (2 cards = 1 wild,  4 cards = 2 wild ...etc)


Q: What is the Bear piece used for?

A: The bear piece is simply a 'first player token'. Whoever takes the first turn of the game holds onto the bear until the end of the game is triggered. All players are supposed to get an equal number of turns, and this helps you remember who went first.


Q: If a player has occupied a major park card with a tent, may other players pass through and land on that major park?

A: Yes. They are also eligible to occupy the major park with their own tent if they haven't already done so.


Q: If a player collects ALL of the stones of one color, or if she collects the majority and no one else collects any of that color by the game’s end, does that player get BOTH the most and 2nd-most stones cards?

A: No, they would only receive the Most stone bonus.