Free Monkey Jokes, Posters, and Coloring Page

Free Monkey Jokes, Posters, and Coloring Page

Stacy Tornio Stacy Tornio

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Do you have someone who loves monkeys in your life? We hope you enjoy this free gift that includes monkey jokes, posters, and a coloring page. We created this set to celebrate our board game, Coconuts. 

This game is great for ages 7 and up, but it's not just for kids. Everyone I've played this game with gets hooked, including my 65-year-old mom and my two teenage kids. My best friend has an 8-year-old, and she says her son even tries to set the game up to play with their dog. (Ha—good luck with that Liam.) 

Here at Underdog Games, we're trying to create little freebies and premiums you can enjoy at home. We hope you like this kit, whether you've played Coconuts or not—though we really think you should check it out. If you have ideas for other printable we should do, please contact us to let us know

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