Free World Map Poster to Celebrate Travel

Free World Map Poster to Celebrate Travel

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Celebrate world travel with this free world map poster available as a digital file. It features a beautiful watercolor design, along with unique hand lettering. 

We're offering the print in several different sizes. Print the 10 x 8 poster at home, or send the larger files to your local print shop or order online. 

By the way, the size you choose to download is totally up to you. As you choose the right one, be sure to check the print requirements—or download multiple sizes to see what works best for you. (By the way, our tip is to get it printed as a canvas print It looks great, and then you can use it to track where you've been by adding colorful little pins.) 

For more world travel love, check out our game, Trekking the World. We created this from our deep love of travel and celebrating cultures all around the world. We hope you get the chance to play this game with your family and friends.

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