Free National Parks Scavenger Hunts for Kids!

Free National Parks Scavenger Hunts for Kids!

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Go on a scavenger hunt during your trip to the national parks with these free printables! Our national parks scavenger hunts are mini games and challenges that your kids can tackle while visiting any national park or public land. 

We have four scavenger hunts to choose from, including: 

  • Animals 
  • Park Icons 
  • Colors
  • Nature Elements 

Print these scavenger hunts (or download them to your mobile device) to keep your kids looking for the various sights through the parks. The hunts for animals and colors even have a place for kids to write about what they see, making it a great printable to preserve family memories. We hope you enjoy these. Plus, be sure to check out our road trip printable. It's a great way to keep kids entertained in the car with old school favorites like Car Bingo and the License Plate Search. Get it right here. 

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